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The foundation for the Jones Motor of today was laid in 1894 by John Jones, an immigrant from Birkenhead, Wales. It began as a local hauling business in Spring City, PA and was called Jones Drayage Company. Its entire fleet – one sturdy horse coupled to a cart. Jones expanded his business by signing on additional horses and wagons and sidelining into excavation work. He continued to build, laying the groundwork for a diversified, stable company. In 1912, he purchased the company’s first motor truck. Along with this purchase, Jones expanded his business to general hauling and motor freight. The fleet continued to grow. Eventually his sons, William, Clifford and Russell joined the family business and it became known as John Jones and Sons. With John Jones’ death in 1925, his sons took full reign of the business and renamed it Jones Motor Company. Through the 1940’s and 1950’s Jones Motor Company prospered. They purchased numerous companies to get additional authority and they expanded their General Commodities Division into both LTL and truckload. The Special Commodities Division, an owner-operator truckload operation was started in 1961.

By 1968, when the Jones family sold the company to New York City based Alleghany Corporation, Jones Motor was a $51 million company. Though changes to the company happened steadily, the most dramatic occurred in quick succession: in 1980, deregulation; in 1981, the General Commodities division closed, and the company became exclusively owner-operator; and in 1982, the company went back to private ownership. The century of experience certainly paid off. Jones Motor continued to grow, forming additional companies to serve many different types of customer needs. Today, the company has grown into a group of companies called the Jones Motor Group with annual revenue over $100 million. The Group’s core company, however, is still Jones Motor, an exclusively owner-operator carrier with both flatbeds and vans.


The Jones Motor Group goes one step further in delivering quality service and that is to extend its customer mindset to the owner-operators who are the heart and soul of the organization. “When our owner-operators are successful, the company is successful. That is the premise on which we have developed our programs and on which we base our management decisions,” says Mr. Koegel. Those programs include the Contractor’s Winner’s Circle which allows individual owner-operators to benefit from the buying power of the Group; daily settlements which get payments to the owner-operator as fast as anyone in the industry; and a variety of pay plans that provide choices to the owner-operator. Well into its second century, Jones Motor does not sit on its laurels but continues to be innovative and progressive, always looking for the next opportunity. Visit the company’s website to learn more about the Jones Motor Group.

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